Onion Head is a boss in the TwinBee series.


An airship resembling a large onion with wings, it sweeps back and forth, and up and down, but never too low. It surrounds itself with white assistants that can shoot at the player that replace themselves until if managed to fight longer, exhaust Onion Head's supply of assistants rendering him defenseless.

TwinBee Boss1a

Onion Head's White Assistant

Appearances in Video gamesEdit

Onion head FC-0

Onion Head in the Famicom version


Onion Head's assistant in the Famicom Version


Onion Head appears as the first boss of the game, and thereupon, the first boss in the whole TwinBee series.

TwinBee Da!!Edit

First Boss from the Boss Rush Stage from Stage 5 (Stage 4 in the PSP Remake). The assistants don't shoot bullets but Onion Head himself.

Onion Head and it's assistant on how it appears on TwinBee Da!!

TwinBee ReturnsEdit

First Boss from the Boss Rush In the hidden Tokimeki Memorial game.

Cameos in video games Edit