Madoka (マドカ?) is a support character in the TwinBee series. She is a cute and friendly girl who manages the "Fantasian" coffee shop in Donburi Island. She is Dr. Mardock's granddaughter, as well as Pastel's best friend and Light's everlasting crush.

She is voiced by Mariko Kouda.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Madoka has long blond hair and wears a purple dress, along with purple ribbons. She is very friendly and loves singing and baking cookies, which she can frequently be seen presenting to her friends.

She also acts as a sort of vigilant for the TwinBee Team and occasionally she can be seen sending them distress signals whenever trouble arises.


Pop'n TwinBeeEdit

Madoka appears in the very first level of the game, where she must be rescued when a monster is chasing her. Once the monster is destroyed, a cutscene will play where she kisses Light, who blushes with surprise.

Madoka appears again in the next cutscene, where the Bumblebee Androids are running circles around her. TwinBee (piloted by Light) suddenly stops to stare at her, making WinBee to bump into him while Madoka giggles in response.

TwinBee Taisen Puzzle-DamaEdit

Jikkyō Oshaberi ParodiusEdit

Madoka makes a brief cameo in Stage 3, appearing as a cloud in the background along with her grandfather, Dr. Mardock.

Near the end of the level she appears once again, in person this time, standing on an island and making a reverence as the player passes by. If the player shoots her, she will start crying (worth 100 points in the Super Famicom version and 3,000 points in the PlayStation/Saturn ports).

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