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Light (ライト Raito?) is one of the main protagonists in the TwinBee series. He is Dr. Cinnamon's grandson, Annamon's son, and Pastel's and Mint's cousin. He pilots the blue, bumblebee-shaped android TwinBee.

He is voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi.


Light is Annamon's son, Dr. Cinnamon's grandson, and TwinBee's current pilot. He lives with his grandfather at his home in Donburi Island. He attends to Dessert Junior High.

Light is bright and good-looking, and apparently many girls from his school think he is attractive. His name comes from the color light blue.

He goes missing in TwinBee RPG, where the player has to take on a role that is pretty much the same as his (pilot TwinBee and get help from Light's friends) and go on his search.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Light has spiky brown hair and black eyes. His wardrobe consists of a white and blue jumpsuit bearing the letter "T" in the middle, plus a headband.


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Light makes cameo as plush in the opening.

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Light appear in the puzzle game.

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