King Spice is a boss in the TwinBee series.


Spice King lead his army to attack the peaceful Donburi Island.

When the Spice King occupied the island, he stole five precious articles from the inhabitants and divided them up among his four generals. The island was then divided into five parts and ruled.


King Spice is a spaceship that resembles a pepper colored blue. He is the most dangerous boss because he travels in a wide clockwise circle all the way around the screen. King Spice sends blue assistants as offense.

TwinBee Boss5a

Spice King's blue assistant



King Spice is the main antagonist and final boss of the game, making him the first main villain in the entire TwinBee series.

TwinBee Da!!Edit

King Spice appears as the fifth and final boss of the Boss Rush Stage from Stage 5 (Stage 4 in the PSP remake). In The PSP remake, King Spice fires a volley of bullets.

TwinBee ReturnsEdit

King Spice appears as the final boss from the Boss Rush in the hidden Tokimeki Memorial game.