Greed (グリード Gurīdo?) is the main antagonist and the final boss in TwinBee RPG. He is voiced by Nobuo Tobita.


The mastermind behind the events of the game. He has stolen several people's souls by sending out a black fog to Donburi Island and its neighboring countries. Although he rarely talks, he has an uncouth way of talking when he speaks and is thoroughly selfish. He is actually a human from the same world as the protagonist. He holds a blue bell which gives him incredible powers.

After losing his two guards when faced near the end of the game, he gloats on how there is nothing the heroes can do against him as long as he holds the bell. At that moment, a badly-injured Seeds suddenly jumps in from nowhere and snatches the bell from him, rendering him vulnerable and allowing the TwinBee Team to take on him.

Defeated after a long and arduous battle, Greed's body explodes in a flash of light and his flying fortress crumbles to the ground.


Greed initially resembles an enormous white spider levitating in the air. He talks with an effeminate voice and features patterns along his body armor that give it the appearance of a giant masquerade mask with red eyes. The blue, glowing bell that gives him his powers can initially be seen floating on his forehead.

After sustaining enough damage, the white, mask-like armor will fall off and reveal the body underneath, in which Greed can be seen standing inside the cockpit.

After taking more abuse, the red spider-like vessel will explode, leaving Greed to fight on his own. He bears a green, humanoid form with no facial or body features visible, and he levitates in place. Even without the bell, he boasts incredible powers and resilience.