Please forgive me, Queen Melody...
~ Ace in TwinBee Yahho!

Ace (エース - Ēsu?) is a character in the TwinBee series. Originally introduced as a minor antagonist, he has since become a support character and ally to both the TwinBee and Parodius Teams.


TwinBee series

  • TwinBee Yahho! (1995 - arcade): First appearance of Ace in the series, where he initially appears as a minor, although recurrent, antagonist. He helps Archduke Nonsense to imprison Queen Melody and attempts to stop TwinBee from rescuing her. Once he realizes Dr. Warumon is behind Nonsense's coup and their true intentions, he reverts to the side of good and prevents the evil doctor from escaping. He flies a red fighter ship called the Shooting Star, which has a charging beam laser and multi-directional firing capabilities. At the end, he's forgiven by the benevolent queen and a spark of a romance is implied between them.
  • CD Drama TwinBee Yahho! (1995 - radio drama)
  • TwinBee PARADISE in Donburi Shima (1998 - PC)

Other games

  • Sexy Parodius (1996-97 - arcade, PS, Saturn): Ace returns in this game, now as a playable character and once again piloting the Shooting Star. He's now joined by the mysterious Black Viper. His overall demeanor has been lightened-up for this game and the once troubled Ace now plays a more humorous role, keeping in tone with the rest of this game.



  • Wait! Ace, this is the other party! (Stage 1 miniboss introduction)
  • Let's go! (Stage 1 miniboss)
  • Damn! Overheating! (Stage 1 miniboss defeated)
  • You can bet on my pride it does pass through here! (Stage 4 miniboss)
  • Is the strength of the rumor as. If you guys, it may be able to save this country. (Stage 4 miniboss defeated)
  • Wait! The return of the harp happiness! (Dr. Warumon get with Ace)
  • I deserve to be imprisoned, even though I was only following the Archduke's orders.



  • Unlike the rest of the inhabitants of Wonderland, Ace doesn't have long and pointy ears, implying that he could instead be a human who for unknown reasons ended up living in that magical island.

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